Farmer’s Market Saturday morning Hosts Special Events

Dear Friends,

This week is the beginning of the Farmer’s Market Season in Winnneshiek County, and Saturday there are some special events to add to the fun!

From 8:00am to noon, you can take in a variety of special events. 9:30 might be an especially great time to come!

The local group ‘Break Free from Fossil Fuels” will feature arts and gadgets, including the ‘Climate Ribbon Project’, where participants write on a ribbon what they don’t want to lose to climate change. They will also feature a number of solar ovens and other fossil fuel-free gadgets and trinkets.

From 10am-12pm, they will host an ‘Electric Car Show’ along Claiborne Dr near City Hall. Visit with electric vehicle owners, and learn more about how our community members are Breaking Free with their vehicles!

Break Free from Fossil Fuels is a global initiative, made possible by, that inspires communities throughout the world to pressure their leaders to break ties with the fossil fuel industry, and encourages communities to make strides towards a 100% renewable energy future. Find more information at Break Free Decorah.