Green Holiday Tips

The holiday season is a great time to spend with friends and family, but there’s always a lot of materials left over after the festivities. Here are some quick tips for recycling your holiday decorations and left overs.


  1. Rather than throwing away the bows for presents, keep them and use them again next year.
  2. Try not to place materials in recycling with ribbons still attached to them.
  3. Recycle wrapping paper if it doesn’t have glitter, a metallic finish or velvety flocking on it.
  4. Glitter can’t be recycled so tear off the glitter covered areas to put in the trash and place the rest in recycling.
  5. If you have big pieces of wrapping paper that aren’t torn, reuse them for next year.
  6. Keep your holiday cards and use them for holiday garland for next year’s decorations.
  7. Break down your boxes before you place them in the recycling bin.
  8. Bring your old holiday lights that are burnt out to the recycling center.


We hope these quick and easy tips help your holidays to be a little greener and everyone has a happy New Year.


For more recycling information go check out the Winneshiek County Recycling website!

-Your local Green Iowa AmeriCorps Team