May Biking Club and Walking School Bus Opportunities

Attention Parents:  Check out these FREE wellness opportunities offered through Upper Explorerland’s Safe Routes to School Program.

May Biking Club Sign up is due ASAP- It’s a great way for our kids to take advantage of our beautiful bike trail and freshen up their biking safety skills before summer! We have added a Rural Ave./Ridgewood Dr. meeting location for students who have better access to that area and want to join!

Walking School Buses (WSB) are a wonderful way for K-2nd graders to burn some energy. SRTS currently has volunteer led routes that walk kids from Mechanic St. and the Flats Neighborhood to John Cline 5 days a week, all school year long (yes, even in the winter!). A Friday after school WSB route, going from John Cline to the west side of town, will start on April 13th.

If you want more information about any of our programs or want to get your child involved but don’t see a route near you, contact Safe Routes to School Coordinator April Bril at