Suicide Awareness Month Free Access Bars Clinic September 9-26, 2019

In honor of World Suicide Awareness month,, and World Suicide Awareness day (September 10th) The Wellspring Massage, Bodywork, and Energy Healing of Decorah, Iowa is participating with Access Bars® facilitators and practitioners from 170 countries worldwide in hosting a number of complimentary Access Bars® sessions September 9th-26th. 30 and 60 minute sessions can be scheduled by calling 563-419-7776. 

Access Bars® utilizes pressure points on the head to defragment the electro-magnetic components of stress, thought and emotions and has brought relief to thousands internationally. Scientific research by Dr. Terrie Hope PhD, DNM, CFMW published in the Journal of Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment has revealed the results of one 90-minute Access Bars® session indicated a significant decrease in the severity of depression and anxiety.

Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to improve many aspects of their body and life including insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, migraines, panic attacks and OCD. The effects of Access Bars® are individual to each person and differ from session to session however, in addition to improved physical health, recipients have reported greater intuitive awareness, more gratitude, kindness, peace and calm and easier communication. Go here for more information about World Suicide Awareness Month and Access Bars

 Victoria Oestmann of The Wellspring Massage, Bodywork, And Energy Healing is a Certified Access Bars® Facilitator. After receiving her first Bars® session in October of 2013, she took her first Access Bars® class the next week and became a Certified Facilitator by April of 2014. Victoria has been practicing massage and energy healing for 19 years, is a graduate of Windemere Institute, Luther College, and University of Northern Iowa, as well as a rich continuing education tool box.

In addition, if you experience Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and would like to participate in a current confidential, well-structured global research project through October 30th on the effects of the Bars on anxiety/ stress/ depression, you are welcome to participate either by receiving a Bars® session or by enjoying a quiet rest. You will also complete a two-part questionnaire before and after your session and receive a follow-up contact three weeks after your session. For Bars sessions during the free clinic time, and control group “resters” you will receive a coupon for your choice of service at a later date. If you choose to participate in the study after the free clinic period and receive a Bars session, you may request to pay for your session on a sliding fee scale.