Buy Gift Cards through the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce Gift Card Store

The Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting the local business community.  As a community we have supported each other through many difficult times and this time will be no different.

The times are uncertain; the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to business and community is not. In response to COVID-19, our office is closed to the public and our in-person meetings and programs are postponed but we will continue to provide resources, engagement and leadership.

Remember all the businesses that have donated to your clubs, events and organizations? They are calling in a favor. Help us answer the call. The Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce has set up a one-stop shop for all your local gift card purchases. Visit to support  35 (and counting!) local businesses by purchasing gift cards.

We understand the difficulty our local businesses, and our local economy will have in the coming weeks or months.  Many businesses are closed or operating under reduced hours or services.  Purchasing gift cards will support local business now while allowing you to shop as soon as doors are open again.

Business hasn’t stopped, and neither has the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce. Learn more about how we’re supporting you and how we can support each other by visiting

The Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce mission is to be the trusted resource in the business community for advocacy, collaboration, and education.