Decorah Parks & Recreation hosts Explore Decorah during COVID-19

Decorah Parks and Recreation is challenging the community to Explore Decorah throughout the month of April.

Explore Decorah is an opportunity for individuals and families to enjoy some of Decorah’s trails. Participants are eligible to enter a drawing to win a free individual or family season pool pass for the summer.

Participate in Explore Decorah by

  • Choosing a trail from the list below to explore.
  • Walking the trail and finding a sign on a yellow sheet of paper with the Decorah Park-Rec logo and a word.
  • Writing that word in the blank below that corresponds to the designated number of the trail you just explored (see List of Trails above for trail number).
  • Exploring all trails to complete the sentence below.
  • Sending your completed sentence, name, and a photo of you on a trail to or mail to the Decorah Parks and Recreation office at PO Box 513, Decorah, IA. All entries must be received by Thursday, April 30.

(1)______ (4)______ (7)______  (2)______  (5)______  (8)______  (3)______  (6)______

List of Trails

  1. Decorah Community Prairie
  2. River Trail
  3. Twin Springs Trail
  4. Dunning’s Spring
  5. Gateway Prairie
  6. Palisades Park
  7. Carlson Park
  8. Van Peenen Park (in the pines)

Bonus Trails include Pulpit Rock and Phelps Park Trail. These trails include rocky terrain and are more challenging and dangerous than those listed above.

Please obey social distancing guidelines and please note this program may be terminated if policies about park and trail usage change due to COVID-19.

For more information visit Click Here