november, 2019

wed13nov10:30 amSea Turtles: As old as the dinosaurs?10:30 am St. Lucas German American Museum Event Organized By: St. Lucas Historical Society

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Gale Bishop, renowned scientist and life-long student of sea turtles, will present on his recent breakthrough discoveries in Croatia and Turkey on sea turtles, both earliest and contemporary, on Wednesday, November 13th, at 10:30 AM to Noon at the German American Museum in St. Lucas, Iowa.  Come join us for coffee and nibble food starting at 10:00 AM.

Dr. Bishop will present on the Pula nesting suite in Croatia that is one of the most significant sea turtle trace-fossil nesting suites found to date.  Gale explains that these new discoveries push our knowledge of the development of the sea turtle ethogram and covering behavior back in time 40 million years.

Gale’s recent research illustrates the awesome power of science unencumbered by specific disciplines and the importance of crossing discipline lines to work collaboratively and internationally on sea turtles to discern their evolutionary history.

Gale notes that the nest covering behavior by sea turtles had already evolved in these 110 million-year-old sea turtle nests that are 40 million years earlier than we previously knew.  Gale says this indicates that depredation (probably by dinosaurs, using the nearby dinosaur migration trackways) had already evolved and the sea turtles were already actively camouflaging their egg chambers by covering activity 110 million years ago!
Gale and his geological colleagues collected the first known fossilized sea turtle nest, from the 74-million-year-old western shoreline of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, SE of Denver Colorado in 1997. He and his colleagues are searching North America and South America for the nests of the ancient giant sea turtles Archelon and Protostega.

Now in his latest line of research, Gale and his colleagues have submitted a manuscript to The American Museum of Natural History (New York City) describing the over 30 sea turtle nest structures from the 110 million-year-old limestones of a dinosaur track-bed along the ancient shoreline of the Early Cretaceous Proto-Adriatic Sea in Pula, Croatia.

Dr. Bishop is a Research Associate of the American Museum of Natural History in Invertebrate Paleontology and in Anthropology.


(Wednesday) 10:30 am


St. Lucas German American Museum

212 East Main Street, St. Lucas, IA 52166


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