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First, what we call Fresh consists of the sub-departments of Produce, Meat, and Cheese. As a Fresh Stocker 2, you are responsible for maintaining full stocking levels on displays, in coolers, and shelves within these sub-departments during any shift. Our first Fresh shift of the day typically starts around 6 am and this shift is responsible for ensuring these sub-departments are ready to go when the store opens. On the other end of the day, the last Fresh staff member leaves as late as 9 pm and is responsible for cleaning and squaring away these sub-departments at the end of the day. A Fresh Stocker 2 staff member will make their way through each of the sub-departments during a shift and ensure that our fastest moving items are always well stocked and offers customer service to shoppers whenever needed

In addition to these general Fresh Stocker duties of stocking, cleaning, and customer service, a Fresh Stocker 2 staff member is trained to run a cash register and complete transactions as a cashier. We’ll train you in both Fresh and Front End (cashiering). You may have scheduled shifts where you work in both departments for designated amounts of time, solely in one of the two, and other times that you bounce back and forth. We consider this ability being “universally trained”. And it’s just one way we see our staff excel.

All OCC staff are responsible for providing welcoming, friendly, helpful, and non-judgmental customer service to all shoppers and co-workers in accordance with our organizational goals and programs. All OCC staff receive a 20% discount on most items in the store, as well as a 15% above cost case discount on special orders. Additional benefits such as PTO accrual exist as well and we are happy to discuss them further.

Position Minimum Wage:

Part Time (up to 29.99 hours/week) $11.75/hr

Full Time (30+ hours/week) $14/hr

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