Oneota Film Festival 2017

One of the best things our town offers is coming up next weekend!

The Oneota Film Festival is one of just a small handful of FREE film festivals in the nation (and, attendees are encouraged to donate as they are able).
It shows new films, carefully chosen to inform, engage, and inspire–and OH MY HOW IT DOES.

You know the difference between watching a film on a screen in your home and watching it on a big screen with dozens or hundreds of other people? That’s what this Film Fest is for.

Mainly, I wanted to make sure y’all knew to pop that into your plans if you want to for March 9, 10, 11, and 12.

ALSO! Can you be volunteer helper for a 2-hour shift?  It’s fun to volunteer. You stand at the entry to a film, make a short announcement, count heads, then watch the film.  You can sign up here for one shift or for as many as you want. You choose when!

Also! This is the last year that OFF is experimenting with the “FREE/We hope you’ll donate” model, and so if ever there were a time to donate or join, this is it! You can do that here.

ONE more thing: In order to get in the door to any film, you need to register whether or not you’re giving money. (That’s how they keep track of numbers so that they can please sponsors that people are showing up and the fest is growing.) It’s smart to do that online before you come–then you can breeze right in.

Hope to see you at Decorah’s fine Film Fest next weekend!