Peter Essa Named Bradish Scholarship Recipient

Decorah High School has named Peter Essa as the recipient of the Norman C. Bradish
Scholarship for the 2023-2024 school year. He is the son of Jared and Tracy Essa. He will
attend Washington University in St. Louis and will study engineering.

Throughout high school Essa has been active in band, large group speech, National
Honor Society, robotics, soccer and cross country.

Norman Bradish created a scholarship to be awarded to a graduate of Decorah High
School who possesses high academic ability and curiosity, is liked by peers and adults,
and displays high standards of character. The recipient must agree to attend a non-
religious college outside the state of Iowa. In addition, the student must remain unmarried
until finishing his or her studies.

Luther College restructures nursing program to enhance integration with Mayo Clinic

Luther students in the Nursing Simulation Center, which creates a practice setting that closely recreates a real hospital environment.

DECORAH, IOWA—Luther College announces changes to the nursing program curriculum in order to better meet the needs of students and of the nursing profession. 

Beginning with the cohort entering in fall 2024, nursing students will spend their senior year working at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, rather than their junior year, to ease the transition into professional nursing after graduation. 

During the Rochester year, students are placed in a variety of settings throughout the Mayo hospitals, including obstetrics, pediatrics and surgical units. Luther nursing students have spent their junior year in Rochester since the nursing program’s inception in 1974. Annually, anywhere from a third to half of Luther nursing students go on to work at a Mayo-affiliated hospital.

“We want our students to use their senior year to develop the skills and independence to work as a licensed nurse by easing the transition from student to professional life,” said Angela Kueny, Ph.D., M.S.N., head of the nursing program at Luther. “These changes are meant to adapt to the needs of both students and the nursing field as a whole.” 

Nursing program leaders consulted with students in this curriculum restructure. One of them, Souksakhone Sengsaisouk, class of 2023, is now a registered nurse in the general surgery unit at Mayo. He praised the invaluable experience of the Rochester year and said the curriculum restructure would help students transition into professional nursing and retain the skills they learn at Mayo into their careers. 

“The structured practicum of Luther’s nursing program and the clinical experiences it offers through healthcare organizations like Mayo have not only honed my abilities but also positioned me as a standout candidate and an impactful contributor to Mayo as a professional nurse,” Sengsaisouk said.

“Mayo Clinic values the clinical placement partnership with Luther College and we support the exciting new curriculum and placement of nursing students,” said Jeanine Gangeness, program director for Midwest nursing academic affairs at Mayo. 

Luther’s nursing curriculum is designed to help students master nursing competency skills before taking the nursing licensing exam (NCLEX-RN), which all students must pass to work as a registered nurse. In 2023, 90% of Luther students passed on their first try. 

“We anticipate that the revised program would increase the support to students to pass NCLEX because of increased nursing credits and intensity of courses to build and review for taking the exam after graduation,” Kueny said.

This change will also promote student wellness and ease students’ workloads by redistributing their pre-nursing classes. During their first and second years, students take biology and psychology; students also take Luther’s core curriculum, including its renowned Paideia courses, to establish a foundation of liberal arts education in their nursing practice. During their junior year, students will take nursing courses in the Decorah area, introducing them to nursing practice in the rural setting and preparing them to work at Mayo. During their senior year in Rochester, students will take advanced nursing courses, including a “Transitions to Professional Nursing” to prepare them for their careers. 

This change will not impact current students, who will continue to spend their junior year in Rochester. The 2027-28 will be the first year Luther students will spend their senior year at Mayo. 

About Luther College

At Luther College in beautiful Decorah, Iowa, students explore big questions and take action to benefit people, communities and society. Our academic programs, experiential approach to learning and welcoming community inspire students to learn actively, live purposefully and lead courageously for a lifetime of impact. Learn more at

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Small Island Big Song to perform for Luther College Center Stage Series April 23

Small Island Big Song, a collective of artists of Island nations, will perform at Luther Tuesday, April 23.

DECORAH, IOWA—Small Island Big Song, a collective of renowned First Nation musicians from across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, will perform for Luther College’s Center Stage Series at 7:30 p.m Tuesday, April 23, in the Center for Faith and Life Main Hall. 

Set to panoramic visuals of the artists’ homelands, Small Island Big Song offers everything from soulful ballads to irresistible grooves, creating a beautiful, immersive musical experience from a region that shares an ancient seafaring heritage as well as the impact of our changing seas.

“In my conversations with the producers, I’ve become even more excited about presenting Small Island Big Song, especially the week of Earth Day,” says Kristen Underwood, director of campus programming. “They are on a mission to help us reconnect with nature, deepen our understanding of island cultures, and inspire all of us to work for change. They bring a message of hope and cooperation, and the ensemble, from different nations, model togetherness with no finger-pointing.”

Taiwanese theater producer BaoBao Chen and Australian music producer and filmmaker Tim Cole spent nearly a decade visiting artists on 16 island nations from Mauritius to Madagascar and Taiwan to Tahiti. The results are two award-winning albums, a feature film and this internationally acclaimed concert tour.

“I’ve wanted to present this show since I met the producers in New York in early 2020. Something that has stayed with me since that meeting is the idea that we are not separated by the oceans, but connected by them. That’s one of the stories of Small Island Big Song. I also love that the experience begins the moment you enter the lobby. Audiences of all ages are encouraged to attend,” Underwood said. 

Center Stage Dinner Series

The talented chefs of the Norse Culinary Team are back with the popular Center Stage Dinner Series. The dinners feature a multi-course menu to complement each performance. A separate ticket is required; the menu for April 23 can be viewed online. Dinner seating begins at 5:30 p.m. in the Peace Dining Room on the second floor of Dahl Centennial Union.

Both dinner and show tickets are on sale through Luther’s Ticket Office in the Center for Faith and Life, online or by calling (563) 387-1357.

About Luther College

At Luther College in beautiful Decorah, Iowa, students explore big questions and take action to benefit people, communities and society. Our academic programs, experiential approach to learning and welcoming community inspire students to learn actively, live purposefully and lead courageously for a lifetime of impact. Learn more at

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Luther College to host residency for Chinese martial artist and musician Master Zhongxian Wu

DECORAH, IOWA–Luther College will host Master Zhongxian Wu, a Chinese martial artist, calligrapher, and musician, from April 9–28. During his time on campus, he will lead workshops that are open to the Decorah community.

Master Wu

“I think such experiences that Master Wu is offering are valuable because they can decenter European and American understandings of religion, philosophy and artistic expression,” said Scott Hurley, associate professor of identity studies at Luther. “After all, other places and cultures in the world have profound and sophisticated ideas about art, one’s relationship with others, whether human or nonhuman, and ultimate truth.” 

Wu will offer four workshops during his time on campus; to sign up for events, email Hurley at hurlsc01@luther.eduHere are the events he’s hosting: 

Originally from China, Master Wu is a lifelong practitioner of Daoism, an indigenous Chinese religion. He is the co-founder and director of QinJian Akademin in Stockholm, Sweden, where he hosts workshops in-person and on Zoom related to martial arts, traditional Chinese music, and health and healing. He also travels throughout the U.S. and Europe offering these workshops.  

In addition to calligraphy and Chinese medicine, he teaches qigong, a form of Chinese movement practice that incorporates proper body posture, breathing and meditation; and the guqin, a Chinese zither. Master Wu has published numerous books and articles in both Chinese and English on these subjects. 

About Luther College

At Luther College in beautiful Decorah, Iowa, students explore big questions and take action to benefit people, communities and society. Our academic programs, experiential approach to learning and welcoming community inspire students to learn actively, live purposefully and lead courageously for a lifetime of impact. Learn more at

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DHS Envirothon Students Qualify for State Competition

Decorah High School was well represented at the regional Envirothon competition: 45 DHS students–nine teams of five–recently took the regional test to qualify for the state competition. Two teams will represent Decorah at state, including last year’s defending state champions Team DNR: Lucas Arendt, Connor Evelsizer, Gabriel Hiner, Anders Lovstuen, and Aiden Nalean-Carlson. The other team to represent Decorah at state will be Team Skabush: Riley Berns, Carson Bohner, Alex McGohan, Nathan Swarbrick, and Henry Weis.

Five of the nine teams who competed should have qualified for the state competition, but the “Decorah Rule” has been in effect since 2007 after four Decorah teams qualified to compete in the state contest in 2006. Until that time, no one school had ever qualified more than two teams in the top 15. Now only the two top finishing teams from the same school are allowed to move on to state competition.

Other teams who represented Decorah are as follows:

7th place Leaf Me A Loam: Phuong Doan, Reid Kuehner, Emily Myers, Mason Myers, and Kellen Roffman

8th place Blundstone Babes: Hannah Arendt, Caden Branum, Eily Hegdahl, Lily Sandhorst, and Amelia Wadsworth

12th place The Eco Warriors: Elliot Berland, Lawrence Christman, Kathleen Delphey, Beau Newhouse, and Clarence Nimrod

Team Oh Scotland, My Scotland: Mara Branum, Elsa Christman, Mikayla Hiner, Nora Lesmeister, and Kaylie Wemark

Team Fun Run 5: Spencer Christensen, Margaret Hahn, William Hahn, Nina Sessions, and Myla Leitz

Team Squirrel Friends: Grace Blikre, Natalie Goodner, Chloe Sheffield, Ava Steine, and Kamryn Steines

Team Toni: Thatcher Brown, Thomas Davis, Jack Hammell, Owen Rix, and Oskar Swanson

The Envirothon is designed to stimulate, reinforce and enhance interest in the environment and natural resources among high school students. Envirothon challenges students to hone critical thinking skills and create inventive solutions to the complex local and global environmental and natural resource issues facing the world today, whether in the field or in the classroom. Teams of five work together while increasing their knowledge and critical thinking skills to conduct hands-on investigations, solve real-life scenarios, and answer written questions covering five categories: Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife, and a Current Environmental Issue. Each team is tested of their knowledge of each of these categories at the regional level.

The state competition will be held at Jasper Nature Center in Granger, Iowa on April 29th. The team finishing with the top score at this year’s state competition will represent Iowa at the International Envirothon contest to be held July 28 through August 3 at Hobart and William Smith College, located in Geneva, New York.

Envirothon advisor Larry Berland remarked, “I am so proud of all of the students that participate in our school’s Envirothon program. They have stepped forward to accept the challenge that our troubled environment presents to everyone. They have and will continue to leave a positive footprint!”

The Envirothon competition, North American’s largest high school environmental education competition, is sponsored by the conservation districts of Iowa.

Team DNR

Team DNR (l-r): Aiden Nalean-Carlson, Lucas Arendt, Anders Lovstuen, Connor Evelsizer, and Gabriel Hiner

Team Skabush

Team Skabush (l-r): Alex McGohan, Henry Weis, Nathan Swarbrick, Riley Berns, and Carson Bohner

Decorah High School Student Creates Laptop without Borders

When Jack Sovern, a junior at Decorah High School, noticed some of his family members owned laptops that were gathering dust, he had an idea to put them in the hands of people who could use them, starting with his classmates. Sovern is advocating for digital inclusion in the community by his initiative he calls “Laptops without Borders.” He shared, “Having grown up surrounded by technology, I believe in equal access to the internet, a sentiment shared by the United Nations in 2016 when it recognized internet access as a human right.”

Sovern continued, “While many in our town take this right for granted, some, especially recent immigrants, face barriers, particularly during the summer when school-provided computers become unavailable. To bridge this digital divide, I have launched a project to refurbish old, unused laptops.”

Community members who have laptops they are no longer using can donate them and their chargers. Sovern will securely wipe all data from them; clean, repair, and refurbish them; then donate them to people in need in Decorah and the surrounding areas. These computers will be loaded with educational software, productivity apps, a web browser, and many other tools, including a user-friendly software installer.

To coordinate donations, anyone can contact Sovern at 563-419-1114 or  More information can be found at

Laptops without Borders2  More information can be found at

Jack Sovern gives computers to classmates.

Laptops without Borders1

DHS students Agustina, Guisela, Jack, and Fatima

John Cline Second Graders Publish Their Own Book

Mrs. Katie Casterton’s second grade class at John Cline Elementary School recently published their own animal book. This was made possible by the McElroy Excellence in Education Enrichment Grant through Keystone AEA. Mrs. Casterton applied for the grant and received enough money for each student to have their own hardcover book published by School Mate Publishing.

The students spent time researching an animal of their choice, creating a rough draft, revising with a peer and adult, and then turning their polished writing into a page of the book. Casterton remarked, “The students enjoyed learning more about an animal of their choice and seeing their work turned into a real book!”

The purpose of the McElroy grant is to provide funding for a small but important idea a teacher has to provide enrichment to the curriculum. It includes innovative, educational experiences for students and demonstrates excellence in education.

Mrs. Castertons class with their books.jpg

Mrs. Casterton’s class shows off the book they collectively wrote. 

Marshall Delaney.jpg

Marshall Delaney shows off his page of the class book.

DHS Musicians Perform Extremely Well at Solo and Small Ensemble Music Festival

The Decorah High School Music Department participated in the Iowa High School Music Association State Solo and Small Ensemble Music Festival on Saturday, March 23, at Clear Lake High School. Other schools participating include Algona High School, Charles City High School, Clear Lake High School, Crestwood High School, Forest City High School, Hampton-Dumont High School, Humboldt High School, and Waverly-Shell Rock High School.

This is an adjudicated festival in which students receive one of five division ratings for their performance: Division I “Superior” rating, Division II “Excellent” rating, Division III “Good” rating, Division IV “Fair” rating, or Division V “Poor” rating. The ratings are based on a point scale. It was a successful day for the DHS Music Department. Each judge is allowed to present one “Outstanding Performance” award for the performance they deem to be the most superior of the day. There were eleven judges overall in the vocal, orchestra, and band categories, with five of them awarding it to DHS musicians.

Students were accompanied on piano by Dean Beckman, Mary Beth Bouska, Mike Ellingsen, Cathy Evelsizer, Chris Hadley, Miko Kominami, Julia Severtson, Gabriel Hiner, Linda Martin, Kayla Scholl, David Severtson, and Nicholas Shaneyfelt.

Receiving “Outstanding Performance” awards include Libby Phillips, Vocal Solo;Claiborne Treble Singers; Grant Zilka, Baritone Saxophone Solo; Alex McGohan, Marimba Solo; and Simon Kutz, Cello Solo. 

Receiving a Perfect Score were the following: Libby Phillips, Vocal Solo; Grant Zilka, Baritone Saxophone Solo and Alto Saxophone Solo; Alex McGohan, Marimba Solo, Timpani Solo, and Xylophone Solo; Aidan Nalean-Carlson, Timpani Solo; Natalie Goodner, Marimba Solo and Piano Solo; Percussion Quintet: Alex McGohan, Aidan Nalean-Carlson, Natalie Goodner, Kealy Hines, and Liam Chamberlain; Percussion Choir; and Simon Kutz, Cello Solo. 

Division I – Superior Ratings:


Flute: Jay Hawthorn; Oboe: Ansel Kowitz; Bassoon: Noah Potvin; Alto Saxophone: Brenna Parker and Grant Zilka; Tenor Saxophone: Brenna Parker and Grant Zilka; Baritone Saxophone: Grant Zilka; Trumpet: Aitor Cuevas; Trombone: Evan Madsen; Piano; Natalie Goodner, Julia Severtson; Mallet: Natalie Goodner, Kealy Hines, Alex McGohan (2), Aidan Nalean-Carlson, Julia Severtson; Timpani: Alex McGohan, Aidan Nalean-Carlson; Violin: Spencer Christensen, Gabriel Hiner, Liam Huang, Naomi Kutz, Lauren Severtson, Gwenyth Thompson; Viola: Lucas Arendt; Cello: Simon Kutz; String Bass: Ezra Vorvick; Soprano: Mikayla Hiner, Elayna Hook, Sydney Kipp, Brynn Storhoff, Gwen Thompson; Alto: Elliana Brodbeck, Bethany Hanson, Greta Jones, Kealy Hines, Kamryn Steines, Hayley Stowe, Abbie Valkosky; Tenor: Spencer Christensen, Lucas Hanson, Libby Phillips; and Bass: Oliver Brummel, Liam Chamberlain, Ezra Harman-Wood, Gabriel Hiner, Caleb Krieg, Tyler Shaw, Joseph Stammeyer, Colin Thompson, and Ezra Vorvick.


Flute Choir, Woodwind Choir, Saxophone Choir,Brass Choir, Percussion Choir, Woodwind Quintet (Wemark, Kowitz, K. Walter, Wadsworth, & Potvin), Trumpet Duet (Cuevas & Kruger), Mallet Duet (McGohan & A. Nalean-Carlson), Percussion Quintet (McGohan, Goodner, Hines, Chamberlain, & A. Nalean-Carlson); String Duet: L. Severtson & N. Kutz, G. Hiner & G. Thompson; String Quartet (G. Hiner, Monreal, L. Arendt & S. Kutz); String Group (Huang, S. Christensen, C. Riley, Franzen, Kuennen & Vorvick); Piano Trio of Violin, Cello + Piano (G. Hiner, S. Kutz & J. Severtson); Piano Duet: G. Hiner & J. Severtson; Vocal Duet: E. Hook & Evelsizer, M. Hiner & G. Thompson, Brummel & Kruger; Madrigal Singers, CC Chamber Singers, CC Chamber Choir, Claiborne Treble Singers, 9th Gr. Bass Clef 10 (S. Christensen, Irwin, Nimrod, L. Christman, Courtney, Potvin, Shaw, Berland, C. Riley, C. Thompson), 9th Gr. Treble Clef 7 (Lundtvedt, Severtson, Volz, Searcy, Stockman, Cline, Rissman), VC Treble Clef 7 (M. Hiner, E. Christman, Klara Kelly, Albert, Lesmeister, Wemark), VC Bass Clef 9 (Malanaphy, J. LaBelle, Duder, Kuennen, McElree, Milburn, Harman-Wood, C. Johnson, Sassaman), CC Bass Clef 7 (L. Hanson, Newhouse, Phillips, Coppola, G. Hiner, Krieg, Sovern), CC Bass Clef 9 (Evelsizer, Kruger, Roberts, Brummel, Chamberlain, L. Hook, Stammeyer, Vorvick, Weis), Vocal Quartet (M. Hiner, G. Thompson, C. Thompson, G. Hiner).

Division II – Excellent Ratings:


Flute: Mikayla Hiner, Olivia Volkmann; Clarinet: Mikelle Havens; French Horn: Lily Sandhorst; Trombone: Colin Thompson; Mallet Percussion: Ariana Albert, Olivia Rissman, Grace Stockman; Snare Drum: Beau Newhouse; Timpani: Jackson Irwin; Drumset: Liam Chamberlain; Piano: Tyler Shaw, Olivia Volkmann; Violin: Jayden Lundtvedt, Lydia Monreal, Spencer Rix, Haylee Stravers, Kinsey White; Viola: Thatcher Brown, Madysen Lippe; Cello: Lulu Bellrichard, Grace Blikre; String Bass: Nina Sessions; Soprano: Jayden Lundtvedt, Stella Pole, Julia Severtson, Jillian Volz; Alto: Ariana Albert, Grace Blikre, Emma Cline, Olivia Rissman, Vivian Searcy, Grace Stockman, Amelia Wadsworth; Tenor: Lawrence Christman, Connor Evelsizer, Andy Kruger, Beau Newhouse, Nat Roberts; Bass: Caleb Johnson, Alex McGohan, Noah Potvin, Jack Sovern.


Brass Quintet (Cuevas, Pritchard, Sandhorst, N. Simon, & Brummel); French Horn Quartet (Sandhorst, Wadsworth, Kamryn Steines, & Volz); String Duet: Brown & O. Rix, Sessions & Vorvick, Stravers & Lippe; String Quartet (Sabin, Q. LaBelle, Gegax & B. Christensen); Chamber Orchestra, Cello Choir; Vocal Duet: L. Suhr & R. Suhr; 9th Grade Chamber Choir, VC Chamber Choir, CC Treble Clef 10 (Bakken, Downing, Pritchard, C. Sheffield, L. Suhr, B. Bentley, Brodbeck, Delphey, Holland, Wemark).

Decorah Area Schools Celebrate the Week of the Young Child

The Week of the Young Child occurs nationally from April 6-12 to recognize the needs
of young children and their families while advocating for and celebrating early learning
and early childhood education.
The Decorah Community is extremely fortunate to have six collaborative preschool
centers who provide high quality four-year-old preschool programming–at no cost
through Statewide Iowa Quality Preschool Program funding–and a Head Start Preschool
Program licensed by the Department of Human Services. These programs provide a
foundation for lifelong learning across all development areas, including literacy, math,
science, social emotional, and fine and gross motor development while also inspiring
creativity, imagination, perseverance, and kindness.
Shanna Putnam Dibble, Decorah Preschool Director, remarked, “Read on to learn more
about the many wonderful preschool programs in Decorah and join us to celebrate young
children and early childhood educators at our Week of the Young Child.”
For more information on any of these preschool centers, check out the preschool
websites, call the centers to schedule a tour, or contact Decorah Preschool Director
Dibble at
Head Start
Head Start embraces learning through play. They utilize the Creative Curriculum and
Positive Behaviors Supports (PBIS). Head Start is housed at West Side Early Childhood


Center. They offer free before and after care for families who qualify as well as the
potential for summer programming. Phone: 564-382-4451
Kinderhaus is a Waldorf-inspired, outdoor preschool and kindergarten for 3-6 year-olds
that provides a warm and nurturing environment for young children in the community to
learn. Kinderhaus strives to develop the whole child: emotionally, socially, artistically,
and cognitively. Their goal is simple: To create an oasis in which children find the
security and the opportunity to develop into creative, imaginative, cooperative, self-
motivated learners for the future. Phone: 563-379-7303
For 19 years, Northeast Iowa Montessori has been serving children as an independent
school, diversifying the educational choices of our vibrant community. Many families
choose NEIM for the Montessori curriculum, mixed-age classrooms, individualized
attention, and after-school childcare program. Montessori strives to create a peaceful
environment for nurturing resilient explorers, confident learners, and empathetic citizens.
Phone: 563-382-6491
Nisse Preschool
Nisse Preschool has a decades-long, rich history serving the families of Decorah. Since
their opening in 1968, they have maintained their mission to provide a safe and
developmentally appropriate learning environment, which fosters a child’s natural desire
to explore, discover, create, and become a lifelong learner. Nisse is located on College
Drive and offers programming for three- and four-year-olds. Phone: 563-382-4794
St. Benedict School
The preschool is a part of St. Benedict School, which has programming for students from
preschool through eighth grade and is accredited by the State of Iowa Department of
Education. The goal of St. Ben’s Preschool is to promote the development of each child’s
fullest potential as they develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and
socially. Phone: 563-382-4668
Sunflower Child Development Center
Sunflower Child Development Center is excited to welcome the Preschool class of 2024-
2025 to their brand-new center. Along with Creative Curriculum units of study, they offer
Farm to School programming as well as the new Discovery Center set to open Fall 2024.
Children will have the opportunity to learn through play and interactions with others in a
safe and nurturing environment. Phone: 563-382-5717
West Side Early Childhood Center
West Side Early Childhood Center houses the Decorah Community School District’s
preschool classrooms. Preschool classes are taught by teachers who are certified in Early
Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education. Their curriculum is based on the
Creative Curriculum Model which focuses on all areas of development including social
emotional learning, physical, cognitive and language development. At West Side
educators believe that all children learn best through play and hands on experiences,
which is the basis of their instructional approach for teaching pre-academic skills. These

skills are infused into inquiry-based studies focused on student interests. The West Side
4-year-old program serves children in an integrated preschool setting. Classrooms include
some children with special needs and others who do not require special education
services, with all children benefiting from the many opportunities this environment has to
offer. Phone: 564-382-4451

Kinderhaus 2


Kinderhaus 1 1


Nisse 1


Sunflower 1

Sunflower Child Care Center

St. Bens 1

St. Benedict’s School

Head Start 1

Head Start

West Side 2 1

West Side Early Childhood Center

West Side 1 1

West Side Early Childhood Center

DMS Students Perform Well at Regional National History Day Competition

On March 19th, several 8th grade Decorah Middle School students participated in the regional National History Day (NHD) competition held at NICC. Twelve DMS students were recognized as finalists in the competition and will participate at the NHD state meet in Des Moines on April 29th. This year’s theme is Turning Points in History.

Iowa History Award: Kate Pattison and Camryn Quandahl: Title IX

State Qualifiers and their projects include the following:

Individual Performance

Kaya Johnson: Virginia Hall: One Women’s Impact on WWII

Individual Documentary

Max Goodner: Navajo Code Talkers: A Turning Point in WWII and Native Culture Acceptance

Charlotte LaBelle: Katherine Dunham: A Turning Point in Dance History

Group Documentary

Leah Garcia-Pratts and Poppy Bellrichard: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Individual Websites:

Matthew Burkholder: The Superbomb: Rising Tensions and Stakes

Stella Witt:Stonewall Riots

Group Exhibit

Evelyn Opheim and Liv Anderson: WASP: A Turning Point in Women’s Aviation

Group Website:

Frankie Kollasch and Raelyn Newhouse: Sergeant Stubby: A Turning Point in Police Dogs

Individual Paper:

Sophia McGee:Helen Taussig

DMS 8th grade NHD Regionals Full Group

All 8th graders who participated in the regional National History Day contest

DMS NHD Iowa History Awards 24

Iowa History Awards winners (l-r): Kate Pattison and Kate Pattison and Camryn Quandahl for their project Title IX

DMS NHD State Qualifiers

Front row (l-r): Liv Anderson, Evelyn Opheim, Leah Garcia-Prats, Poppy Bellrichard, Sophia McGee, Frankie Kollasch, Raelyn Newhouse

Back row (l-r): Stella Witt, Kaya Johnson, Matthew Burkholder, Max Goodner, Charlotte LaBelle

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