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Winneshiek Idea House: A Local Entrepreneur Forum and Fair

Saturday, March 24, 5-9:00 at Decorah Elks Club

Communities are stronger when diverse local businesses flourish!

Winneshiek Idea House is a forum and fair to highlight and support local entrepreneurs and business ideas that contribute to the resilience and sustainability of Winneshiek County. Join us!

Can you find yourself below? You’re just who we need at Idea House!

  • You’re curious about this first-time event in our community and just want to see what it is!
  • You are an entrepreneur who would like some informal feedback about your idea from local people who want to see you succeed.
  • You might be interested in ‘investing’–whether it’s time, expertise, or money–in one or more of our 5 featured entrepreneurs during the Trout Tank.
  • You’re excited that someone you know is one of the featured entrepreneurs for the Trout Tank (a 5-minute pitch after which you can pledge support of any kind, practical or financial).
  • You’d like to learn about some of the local people and organizations who are here to support local businesses.

When you register, you’ll have a chance to indicate if you have a business idea that you’d like to tell about in a very small and informal group conversation. Not thinking of hatching new business? Great. The aspiring entrepreneurs need you there to listen to their ideas and give feedback.