Hello DecorahNow Enthusiasts!

We’re continually pleased at the number of people who report to us that they find just what they need on DecorahNow–housing, events, classes, rides, connections of all sorts. That’s why we made it and why we maintain it! So glad it’s working!

Have you made a donation to DecorahNow recently? Some folks donate once a year, others donate when they’ve posted something for sale or found a good deal on the site, and others might not have yet taken the opportunity to donate. However you do it, we really appreciate the vote of confidence you give us when you do.

We are so blessed to live in this area where we can know and trust each other, where the land is so beautiful, and where we can engage in caring for community together. Here’s to another year of joyful and diligent connection and service!

Liz Rog and Brad Crawford,
since 2008