• Advanced Wound Care: Zak Kriener
    Left to right: (Front row) Zak Kriener, Thomas Marquardt, D.P.M (Back row) Kylee Uhlenhake, RN, Elizabeth Pfile, RN, Bethany Stevens, ARNP, Morgan Hansmeier, RN One thing can lead to another, which seemed to be the case for Zakary Kriener of Ossian. In January of 2022, he took a nasty fall from a ladder that shattered his
  • Specialty Allergy Care: Gray Sibley
    At about three months old, Grayson Sibley began developing severe skin rashes. His parents, Tasha and Alan, talked to Grayson’s primary care physician, who diagnosed him with eczema. He noted children with severe eczema are more likely to have food allergies and referred Grayson to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for testing, the results of which
  • Multispecialty Concussion Care: Brody Tieskoetter
    It is that Friday Night Moment when your child is hit on the football field and you are rendered breathless; it is the exhale of relief when he gets up and moves onto the next play. Only for Lisa and Russell Tieskoetter, that moment remained unresolved as they watched their son, Brody, a senior at
  • Gnomes in the Park 2024
    Starting Wednesday, July 24th at 5:00pm, Gnomes in the Park returns for Nordic Fest 2024! Stop by the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce to pick up or download a Gnomes in the Park Scavenger Hunt Form and Map for a list of clues to find gnomes for your chance to win a drawing prize. Source
  • Electronic and Appliance Waste Collection Reminder
    We wanted to remind everyone that ALL ELECTRONIC AND APPLIANCE WASTE MUST GO TO THE RECYCLING CENTER AND MUST BE GIVEN TO A STAFF MEMBER DURING BUSINESS HOURS. DO NOT LEAVE THESE ITEMS AFTER HOURS. The recycling center is open from 6 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. *A $20 fee per unit applies
  • Will Baker Park- Training Exercise 7/22
    The National Guard will be conducting a “Vehicle Extraction” training exercise at Will Baker Park on Monday, July 22 from 9 AM-1 PM. Source link
  • Spraying at Carlson Park- 7/17
    Wednesday, July 17 Source link
  • WinnMed thanks Karl Jacobsen for his service on the Board of Trustees
    Karl Jacobsen, member of the WinnMed Board of Trustees, resigned his position earlier this month following a change in by-laws requiring trustees to attend 50% plus one meeting in-person in a year’s time. His term ends in 2026.  He says, “In retirement, my wife and I enjoy traveling, and with the recent change in Board
  • Decorah’s Butterfly Garden
    Butterfly Garden volunteers, along with guest speaker MJ Hatfield, are searching for insects over the garden’s Mountain Mint- check it out on your next visit! The post Decorah’s Butterfly Garden appeared first on Decorah Park & Recreation Department. Source link
  • G2G Summer Celebration
    Decorah’s Get-2-Gether Committee and Decorah Parks and Recreation are hosting a free Summer Celebration for adults with special needs from 5:45 p.m. to 7:45p.m, Friday, August 16th at Whalen Cabin near Phelps Park. Source link
  • Luther College Ropes Course Challenge 2024
    Decorah Parks and Recreation is partnering with Luther College to offer a fun, yet challenging, opportunity on the Ropes Course located on Luther College Campus August 14, 15, & 16th. Source link
  • G2G at the Winneshiek County Fair- July 12
    Decorah’s Get-2-Gether (G2G) Committee and Decorah Parks and Recreation invite adults with special needs to the Winneshiek County Fair Friday, July 12 for music by Joe Nichols! Source link
  • Trail Closure
    The outer trail of the Decorah Community Prairie will be CLOSED until further notice. Source link
  • International Plastic Bag Free Day
    Today is International Plastic Bag Free Day! Did you know that we can’t accept soft plastic at our recycling center? The bags tangle and damage our machines and slow down the team that does the sorting. We can’t take plastic bags even if they have a number on them. For this reason, reusing your bags
  • Fourth of July Information
    Thursday, July 4th Source link
  • WinnMed Board of Trustees and Mayo Clinic Health System announce change to management services agreement
    Decorah, IOWA — At this afternoon’s special board meeting, the WinnMed Board of Trustees responded to a notice provided by Mayo Clinic Health System (MCHS) that the current management services agreement (MSA) with WinnMed will not be renewed when it expires on July 1, 2025. The WinnMed Board of Trustees discussed how to proceed with
  • Electric Vehicle Story: Zach and Stephanie Fromm
    Summarize this content to 25 words Name: Zach & Stephanie FrommVehicle (Model and Year): 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In HybridPurchased on: July of 2023 used and under the $25,000 threshold to access the $4,000 tax credit. Electric Range: As a first year model and with 80,000 miles on it at the time of purchase, I assumed the battery would be degraded a bit, so I wasn’t surprised to find it at 26 miles in the summer and sub-20 in the winter (the heater takes a lot of electricity). It’s rated to get 30+ miles, and maybe the newer models with newer battery technology come closer to that. How many miles do you drive annually? Of those, can you estimate how many have been all electric versus gas?I’m not entirely sure how many miles we drive annually. On our most recent vacation we drove 200 highway miles and hadn’t charged the van before we left. Fifty-two of those miles ended up being electric, so the regeneration from braking and going down hill garnered us about 25% electric miles total. That’s pretty good! Our commute to town, daycare, groceries, etc., each day is about 30 miles, and the battery covers 90+% in mild driving conditions, which is awesome. Knowing the average American puts about 40 miles a day on their car, I feel like PHEVs need to get to that amount of range to really make sense. Thinking back to when you first considered an EV, what were your biggest concerns? Did those concerns result in you opting for a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) instead?Knowing it was the first iteration of the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, I was cautious about battery life and overall maintenance, but we are approaching 100k miles with no issues. Given you’ve now had experience with a PHEV, do you think you’re more or less inclined to buy a pure electric vehicle (PEV) next time?I like the idea of a PHEV for the longer hauls until the pure EV battery tech can achieve 300+ mile range consistently, but there are no pure electric minivan options yet, which is a bummer. We also have a Tesla Model Y and would love to give a full EV minivan a go if the range looked promising. Are you a multi-vehicle household, and if so, is your second vehicle gas powered?Our other car is a Tesla Y and our third vehicle is an old beat up truck we use for house chores. Disregarding upfront purchase costs, has your cost of ownership been what you had expected?We purchased used and under the $25,000 threshold to access the $4,000 tax credit. Having installed a 14-50 Nema 220v outlet in my garage, the Pacifica can recharge to 100% in less than 2 hours and we have been happy paying about $.07 kWh through MiEnergy’s EV metered option. What’s been the biggest plus of driving an electric vehicle? And challenges?I love the idea of using greener energy options to power a vehicle and believe that electric/hybrid options are the future. My hope is that we are in the infancy stages of EV/PHEV technology and all the downsides (of which I don’t feel there are many—I have 40k miles on my Tesla and outside of tire maintenance and replacing windshield wiper fluid have had zero other costs) are overcome through time.  Have you used public charging? If so, what has that experience been like?I have not used a public EV charger in the Pacifica to date, but anticipate no issues.
  • Trail Updates
    As we continue to work on the trails, please check on updates daily until everything is re-opened! Source link
  • Happy National Upcycling Day!
    Happy National Upcycling Day, everyone! Today, we honor the creativity and environmental benefits of upcycling. Instead of tossing out old items, let’s give them a new life and purpose. Upcycling not only reduces waste but also allows us to create unique and useful pieces from things we might otherwise discard. Here are a couple ideas:
  • Zumba in the Park
    Join us in Phelps Park for a free, drop in Zumba Series! Source link
  • Seasons of a Prairie- Summer Prairie Festival
    Join us for some fun programs at the Decorah Community Prairie and Butterfly Garden on Sunday, June 23, 1:30-4:00 pm. This event is appropriate for all ages. Source link
  • Fair Fun Run – July 13
    The Fair Fun Run will be held Saturday, July 13. This family friendly event includes a 3/4 mile kids race for children ages 12 and under, and a 3-mle race for older children and adults. Each participant is eligible for a drawing prize distributed during the awards ceremony (must be present to win).  Refreshments are
  • Decorah’s 175th Anniversary Celebration
    Decorah Parks and Recreation, the Locust School Museum Committee and the Decorah Historical Society will sponsor vintage children’s games and past-times. Games include 3-legged and gunny sack races, marbles, jacks and button spinners for children to try! Source link
  • WinnMed opens online scheduling for screening mammograms
    With patient convenience in mind, WinnMed is pleased to provide online scheduling for 3D screening mammograms to patients who have a WinnMed MyChart account. Patients can log into their MyChart account on the WinnMed website (, and enter the Visits tab.  From there, follow the prompts to schedule a screening mammogram appointment. A yearly screening
  • Free Fishing Weekend- June 8th
    Decorah Parks & Recreation and the Iowa DNR are hosting a fishing day beginning at 9:00am at Twin Springs Pond. Source link
  • Award will Improve Efficiency in two Decorah Apartment Buildings
    Summarize this content to 25 words By Paul Cutting, Energy Planner DECORAH – With help from the Winneshiek Energy District and Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission, the City of Decorah applied for $233,638 from the Iowa Development Authority’s Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program. The city was recently notified that its grant request was successful. The project will provide cold climate ductless heat pumps at two Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation properties in Decorah—the 15-unit Woolen Mill apartment building located downtown Decorah, and the 16-unit Washington Court apartment building at 600 Washington Street. The grant will also enable Decorah households to access energy coaching services with the goal of connecting them to tax credits and point of sale rebates provided by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Woolen Mill Energy Upgrades The Woolen Mill apartment building was originally constructed in 1867 and was renovated into 15 apartments in 2002, many of which serve lower income households. At the time of its renovation in 2002, the entire building was equipped with electric resistance heat, with each tenant paying their own electricity and Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation (NEICAC) responsible for common area and hallway heating and cooling. The building was also outfitted with primitive ductless air conditioning, but most units have since failed. Most tenants now rely on window air conditioners. Tenant electricity costs have escalated over time, in part due to significant increases in electricity rates, and also because the building’s exterior windows are leaky and approaching their end of life. As part of Winneshiek Energy District’s involvement in this project, we analyzed electric bills for both energy and cost savings, assisted with appropriate heat pump selection, and helped secure contractor quotes. Last year, electricity bills at Woolen Mill for single-bedroom units averaged $90-$120/month, whereas two-bedroom units averaged $120-$140/month. The installation of new electric air source heat pumps with seasonally averaged efficiencies of 275-300% relative to electric resistance heating should reduce tenant electric bills by at least $35/month per unit. Building-wide (including NEICAC’s expenses for heating and cooling common areas), the new heat pumps should reduce annual energy consumption by 43,500 kWh and energy bills by $7,220.  Washington Court Energy Upgrades The other building to benefit from this project, the 16-unit senior housing named Washington Court, was built in 1996 and utilizes electric resistance heating and through-the-wall window air conditioning. Tenant electricity expenses are significantly less than Woolen Mill, in part due to the building being in generally better condition, of newer construction, and with lower ceilings. Last year, tenant electricity expenses averaged $71/month, and it is anticipated bills will decrease to $51/month once new heat pumps are installed. Building-wide, the heat pumps are anticipated to save 18,320 kWh annually, or $3,800.  Free Energy Coaching for Low Income Households The EECBG grant award will also help lower-income Decorah households access free energy coaching to help them identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and savings through tax credits and rebates funded by the IRA. Look for news about both programs in the coming months.
    Did you know that today is Learn About Composting Day!? Composting your food waste is one of the best things you can do at home to reduce the amount of garbage filling up our landfill. Compost eventually breaks down into a soil amendment that can be used as fertilizer for your garden or lawn. To
  • Rhymes With Decorah Podcast: Rhymes With – Postville Community Heart & Soul
      Crystal Duffy, Community Developer for the Postville Community Heart and Soul program joins us on this episode to talk about one NE Iowa communities journey through the Heart and Soul framework.  Postville, a small town of 2,500+ in rural Allamakee County, has been slowly growing for well over a decade as local processing plant
  • Rhymes With Decorah Podcast: Rhymes With Decorah – Porter House Museum
    Located on a stately corner of Broadway and River Street in downtown Decorah is the former home of Adelbert Field Porter (1879 – 1968) and Grace Young Porter (1880 – 1964).  Both single children of early Decorah and NE Iowa business families, Grace and Bert Porter left their home as a Museum of worldly collections
  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
    As we honor and remember the brave men and women who have served our country, we hope everyone has a safe and joyful holiday weekend. Please note, our recycling center will be closed on Monday in observance of the holiday. We’ll resume normal operations on Tuesday. As we head into the weekend, we wanted to
  • WinnMed Hospice announces details of annual memorial ride
    Front Row (left to right): Gambit, therapy dog, Jen Nahl, RN, Mary Wagner, RN on bike, Nancy Haberichter Back Row (left to right): Dr. Merill Guarneri, Pet Therapist, Pastor Laura Gentry, Natasha Rausch, RN, Stacy Hamm, HCA, Olivia Wenthold, RN, Dee Heying, Admin, Sam Sherwood, RN, Jill Shindelar, RN, Brittany Anderson, RN, Emily Falck, HCA,
  • Dr. Lopez Cortes joins OB-GYN team at WinnMed
    Mayo Clinic Health System Decorah Clinic Physicians is pleased to welcome Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN) specialist Anthonie Lopez Cortes, M.D., to WinnMed. Dr. Lopez Cortes was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He practiced in Clinton, Iowa for eight years prior to joining Mayo Clinic Health System. Dr. Lopez Cortes earned his Bachelor of Science
  • Live Healthy Iowa Track Meet Results!
    Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Live Healthy Iowa Track Meet! Source link
  • WinnMed awards first DAISY Award to obstetric nurse
    At a recent ceremony, WinnMed awarded its first-ever DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses to Ellie Kuennen, obstetric RN. Ellie was nominated by David Heins for her knowledgeable and compassionate care while his wife, Riley, delivered their daughter, Quincy. David says, “Ellie is such a genuinely good-hearted, extremely knowledgeable, and talented nurse. WinnMed, my family, and
  • Bethany Stevens, ARNP, on the WinnMed Wound Center
    Bethany Stevens, ARNP, on the WinnMed Wound Center Home Bethany Stevens, ARNP highlights the specialty care available at the WinnMed Wound Center Keep Reading Primary care physician Tyler Menke M.D., provides insight on weight loss medication May 14, 2024 READ MORE Allergist Michael D’Netto, M.D., tells us what we need to know about the Allergy
  • Dr. Tyler Menke on weight loss medication
    Dr. Tyler Menke on weight loss medication Home Primary care physician Tyler Menke M.D., provides insight on weight loss medication Keep Reading Allergist Michael D’Netto, M.D., tells us what we need to know about the Allergy and Immunology department of WinnMed January 15, 2024 READ MORE Bethany Stevens, ARNP highlights the specialty care available at
  • Rhymes With Decorah Podcast: Rhymes With – Rotary International
    Rhymes With Decorah is back after our fun mini-series of shows from Lansing, Iowa – and what better topic to talk about than the Service of Rotary International and the Decorah Rotary Club! Join Ward Budweg, Brecka Putnam, and Benji for a conversation about Rotary and all that this incredible organization does – Service above
  • Live Healthy Iowa Kids Track Meet 2024
    This event will be held Tuesday, May 14, 4:30 pm, at the Decorah High School Track. To register, see links below. Preregistration is strongly encouraged, but late registration will be taken beginning at 4:00pm near the track entrance on the day of the event. Source link
  • Mary Christopher Park- Temporarily Closed
    Decorah Parks and Recreation is excited to add a more toddler-friendly experience to the existing Mary Christopher Park playground, made possible by a generous donor. Construction is currently underway, placing a temporary closure on the park now through Friday, May 10th, or until the project is complete. Source link
  • Rhymes With Decorah Podcast: Rhymes With – Sangerfest – Dr. David Judisch
    Sangerfest 2022, Photo: Beth Skogen Dr. David Judisch, Director of the Luren Singing Society and Director in Chief for the Norwegian Singers Association of America joins us for this episode to talk about Sangerfest – and so much more!  Sangerfest is a celebration and gathering of Norwegian Singing Societies from across the country that happens