Rhymes With Decorah Podcast: Rhymes With Lansing #1 – Maryann Baldwin

Maryann Baldwin, Lansing Entrepreneur

Welcome to “Rhymes With Lansing” – a mini-series of podcast shows featuring just a few of the amazing folks that call Lansing, Iowa home. Recorded in the Spring of 2024, these shows represent a snapshot in time of life in one of Iowa’s great, rural, Mississippi River towns. Find the intro show to this series here.

Maryann Baldwinn’s story is one of building community and seeing opportunities when they’ve presented themselves. From an early background in broadcasting, a career in media and marketing took her across the country – until she and her husband found the Lansing area in 2013.

Her work in mentoring local entrepreneurs, supporting city and community agencies, volunteering on boards like Main Street Lansing, and running the coworking space, Lansing Office Works (or “The Works” as it’s known) shows just a few of the gifts that she shares with her community.  

Maryann and Benji recording at Lansing Office Works, April 2024

In a Community Builder feature from the “Summer 2022” issue of Inspire(d) Magazine, Maryann says “The way I see it, I’ve just created a garden. I provide the sunlight and fertilizer and water, and then I stand back and let it happen. Everything is connected, and it’s so fun to watch things grow.”

Grow, indeed – as Maryann continues to help along the next generation of entrepreneurs, business owners, and community leaders in Lansing and the greater area. Find out more or get details on how you can use the Lansing Office Works coworking space on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (or rent their commercial kitchen!). A huge thanks goes out to Maryann for hosting us at Lansing Office Works to record this series of shows. 

Rhymes With Lansing is being made possible by the generous support of the Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative and Dairyland Power, with additional support from Allamakee County Economic Development and Tourism. A special thank you to Lansing Office Works for hosting the recording of these shows – find Lansing Works on Main Street for co-working, meeting, and commercial kitchen space –www.lansingofficeworks.com
To find out more about Lansing Iowa – where Main Street meets the Mississippi visit www.lansingiowa.com


“Rhymes With…” is a companion podcast project of Inspire(d) Media – find us online at www.iloveinspired.com

Original music for the “Rhymes With Lansing” series by Benji Nichols. 



Inflation Reduction Act Fact Sheet

Clean Energy Districts of Iowa IRA program factsheets. Click each thumbnail.   Other links and resources we think you might find valuable: ACEEE IRA Home Energy Upgrade Incentives IRS list of vehicles that may qualify for the 2023 Clean Vehicles $7,500 tax credit Rewiring America Inflation Reduction Act Fact Sheets

Rhymes With Decorah Podcast: Rhymes With Lansing – Intro Show

Lansing, Iowa – Courtesy, Driftless Visitors Center

Welcome to a special mini-series of shows we’re calling “Rhymes With Lansing” – bringing you stories from “where Main Street meets the Mississippi” in Iowa’s very NE Corner. Located in Allamakee County, Lansing is a town of almost 1,000 people ideally tucked into a wooded valley along the Mississippi River. 

Photo Courtesy of Main Street Lansing

On this show, we introduce the series, take a walk around town to meet a few local business owners, and hear a little bit about what makes this small town such a unique place. 

Horsfall’s Variety – Lansing, Iowa – Photo Benji Nichols

Special guests heard on this introduction episode include:

Paul Horsfall Jr – Horsfall’s Variety
Dave Jansen – Lansing Hardware
Wendi Wilson-Eiden – Coffee on the River
Stan Fullerton – Lansing Transplant
Jeni Grouws – Musician, Avey/Grouws Band

Thee OP, Lansing Iowa – Photo, Benji Nichols

Join us as we roll out five new “Rhymes With Lansing” shows in the coming weeks – and better yet, start planning your trip at www.lansingiowa.com

Coffee On The River – Lansing, Iowa

Rhymes With Lansing is being made possible by the generous support of the Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative and Dairyland Power, with additional support from Allamakee County Economic Development and Tourism. A special thank you to Lansing Office Works for hosting the recording of these shows – find Lansing Works on Main Street for co-working, meeting, and commercial kitchen space –www.lansingofficeworks.com
To find out more about Lansing Iowa – where Main Street meets the Mississippi visit www.lansingiowa.com


“Rhymes With…” is a companion podcast project of Inspire(d) Media – find us online at www.iloveinspired.com

Original music for the “Rhymes With Lansing” series by Benji Nichols. 

Rhymes With Decorah Podcast: Rhymes With – Allamakee County


Valerie Reinke,  Executive Director of Allamakee County Iowa Economic Development & Tourism joins us for this episode of “Rhymes With… Allamakee”

Iowa’s most Northeastern County is a treasure trove of outdoor beauty, recreation opportunities, and some very dynamic communities. With just over 14,000 people, Allamakee County consists of six small towns: Waukon, Lansing, Postville, Harpers Ferry, New Albin, and Waterville.


Allamakee County is also home to Iowa’s only National Monument, Effigee Mounds, as well as the 8,900 acre Yellow River State Forest (and Iowa’s only firetower!). 

Keep an eye out for our next mini-series of shows – “Rhymes With Lansing” – a 5 show series from Lansing, IA – airing through April into Spring featuring stories and organizations from Lansing, Iowa.

Get all the details and more about Allamakee County:



Electric Vehicle Charging in Winneshiek County

Publicly available electric vehicle charging has greatly improved in Winneshiek County and northeast Iowa. Within Decorah city limits, there are now sixteen level 2 chargers available for public use and two direct current fast chargers at Decorah Chevrolet. County- and region-wide, the situation has improved, too, with public chargers available in Calmar, Cresco, West Union, Lansing, and others. 

Level 2 chargers can recharge an EV in 3-8 hours depending on vehicle and charger speed, and are best suited for situations where people park their cars for extended periods of time, like workplaces, downtown areas, hotels, and locations catering to travelers. Level 3 fast chargers can fill an EV in as short as 20-30 minutes and are best positioned to support regional pass-through travel.

The transition to electric vehicles locally and regionally is still in its infancy, and it’s perhaps important to acknowledge the realities, and resulting benefits, of publicly available EV charging for this phase of the transition. First and foremost, a vast majority of those who have already made the transition to EVs or are currently contemplating doing so, have access to low-cost electricity in their garages and aren’t necessarily going to need public or workplace charging. In addition, EV ranges have grown by leaps and bounds over just the past few years. In 2023, the median range of available EV models was 270 miles, roughly on par or slightly below the gas-equivalent automobiles.

As a result, the need for workplace and publicly available charging for those living locally is perhaps less acute than it was several years ago when EVs were in their technological infancy. At the same time, when low-cost EV options become more widely available, the need for publicly available charging options for renters, condo owners, and generally those without access to home charging will grow.

Taken together, we believe Decorah and Winneshiek County are well-positioned to support the current phase of EV adoption. Below is a list of chargers available for public use in Winneshiek County along with the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh). For reference, most EVs achieve 2.5 – 4 miles of range per kWh of charge, and an EV with a range of 270 miles has a 60-80 kW battery.


Location Charge speed per hour Cost per kWh
Decorah Chevrolet, 2 chargers 180 kW $0.49
Weis GMC Decorah, level 3 coming soon coming soon
State Street across from Fareway, 2 chargers 10.4 kW $0.31
Downtown Decorah at Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce 21.6 kW $0.31
Downtown Decorah behind Oneota Coop, 4 chargers 7.2 kW $0.31
Winneshiek Medical Center, 2 chargers 6.6 kW $.30
Sunflower Child Development Center coming soon coming soon
Preus Library, Luther College, 2 chargers 6.6 kW $0.23
Luther College Regents Center, 2 chargers 5 kW $0.23
Downtown Calmar 17 kW $0.29
NICC Calmar Campus 7 kW $0.29


Rhymes With Decorah Podcast: Rhymes With Decorah – Chad Elliott DCSD Culinary Specialist



Join us on this episode of “Rhymes With Decorah” as we take an awesome opportunity to talk with Decorah Community School District Nutrition Director and Culinary Specialist Chad Elliott. 



With deep roots in the Decorah area, Chad brings a background in the commercial food service industry to what may be any communities most important food source – school meals! It takes a village to provide the necessary meals to the DCSD, including 6 different facilities in different locations that require multiple offerings on any given school day. And for that, Chad is quick to point out his incredible staff that pull this task off on a daily basis.


Local Foods have also been a huge part of Chad’s influence and vision on making sure that our youngest consumers in the community have opportunities to experience farm to school table foods in their daily meals. Partnerships within the district have even led to incredible programs like Tim Haye’s school garden program that provides thousands of pounds of fresh, grown on school grounds produce each year.



You can keep up with all that the DCSD Nutrition Program is doing via their “Viking Galley” Facebook Page found here

A huge thanks to Chad and his crew for all of their work and vision to provide our most important resource with fresh, healthy, delicious daily meals while they are at school!





Become a member of the Decorah Municipal Band!

We are proud to announce our 2024 Decorah Municipal Band performance schedule! We will be performing at the Lawn Chair Night on June 13 which is in front of the Winneshiek County Courthouse at 7:00 pm and a possible shorter performance at Decorah’s 175th celebration on June 15. More information will be provided about June 15 as planning is organized.

The rehearsals for both performance will be on June 11th

We are open for new members in all sections!! Please fill out this form if you would like to play with the band this summer or in the future!!


Please contact Jen Bliven at 712-541-8923 or decorahmunicipalband@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

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