Decorah Goodwill Store

The Decorah Goodwill Store is part of Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa based in Waterloo. They accept donations of: clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, handbags, luggage, housewares, home goods, hand tools, cell phones, computers, and other items.

Goodwill cannot accept the following items: auto parts, construction materials, medical equipment, baby furniture, mattresses and box springs, plumbing fixtures. These should be taken to the landfill.

Goodwill cannot accept the following items but they can be taken to the Freeport Recycling Facility M-F 6am-3pm: large appliances like washers and stoves (but not refrigerators, freezers, and dehumidifiers), small appliances like microwaves, household chemicals, exercise equipment and weight sets, metal desks, batteries, damaged bicycles, outdoor items like grills, snow blowers and lawn mowers.

Goodwill cannot accept the following items but they can be taken to landfill for recycling by paying a fee: TV’s, refrigerators, freezers and dehumidifiers.

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Rechargeable Batteries

So many of our modern conveniences have rechargeable batteries. They’re great for us but not good for out landfill. Please take your unneeded rechargeable batteries to the Freeport Recycling Center during business hours M-F 6am-3pm. The staff there will make sure your old rechargeable batteries are properly disposed of. Single use batteries can be safely placed in the trash. If in doubt, bring your batteries to the Freeport Recycling Center.

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Recycle Christmas Lights

Rather than sending your defunct Christmas light strings to the landfill, give them a new life by recycling them properly. Christmas lights contain copper wiring that is valuable when recycled properly. You can drop it off anytime at our 24-hour Freeport Recycling facility.

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