World Water Day

In case you didn’t know, today is World Water Day! We are very fortunate to have access to clean water in our area, so let’s conserve this precious resource whenever possible. One way to use less water at home is by harvesting rain water with a rain barrel and using that rain water on your lawn or garden. This is also a fantastic way to repurpose a plastic barrel! If you are interesting in building your own rain barrel, Winneshiek County Conservation and Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) are holding a workshop on April 13th at 5:30 PM in the Lake Meyer Campground Shop. Registration is required and there is a fee for the materials. To find out more about this event, visit WCC’s website by clicking on the link below!

Global Recycling Day

Did you know that tomorrow is Global Recycling Day? Global Recycling Day was created in 2018 to raise awareness about the value of our natural resources and how we can protect them by recycling more. It’s essential that people think about waste as resources when we look at the materials around us. Have a great weekend, and please remember to recycle those valuable resources!

Please Sort Your Waste Materials

Sorting your materials at the recycling center is extremely important. If products are placed in the wrong bins, it takes a lot more time for employees to dig through them and put them in the appropriate containers. If the majority of the load is composed of unrecyclable materials, the entire load might have to be thrown away. These items were recently found in the paper bin. Some of these materials have the potential to get caught in machines and damage them. Throwing all these various waste materials into a paper recycling bin is unacceptable. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to sort their materials properly. We greatly appreciate your efforts! Keep up the good work!

Home Composter Group Purchase Program

In case you haven’t heard, we are ordering more home composters for 2023! Composting your food waste helps reduce pressure on our landfill. It also creates healthy soil that can be used as fertilizer in your garden! Click here to learn more! Supplies are limited. The order form will be closed when supplies run out.

Sharps / Used Needles

How to dispose of them properly:

1. Place the sharps/used needles in puncture resistant containers. Laundry detergent, fabric softener, coffee can, or red sharps containers work great. Red sharps containers can be purchased at your pharmacy.

2. Once the container is full, ensure that the lid is TAPED SHUT.

3. Place the container in the red mailbox by the Smith Building door at This service is FREE!

Never put sharps in your trash or recycling bins and don’t flush them down the toilet! Disposing of these items improperly leads to a hazardous environment for employees and creates more work.

World Soil Day

Did you know that today is World Soil Day? Soil is extremely important for both people and the planet. It allows us to grow food, it can purify water, and it can help prevent erosion. Without soil, we would have great difficulty growing enough crops to feed our population. That’s why it’s essential to keep our soil healthy! One way we can help our soil thrive is by incorporating compost. Compost is full of nutrients and increases the air and water levels in the soil for the plants to grow. Creating compost from our food and yard waste also allows us to divert more waste from the landfill.

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