Changes in Electronic Waste and Appliance Collection Beginning Monday, April 1st




* A $20 fee per unit still applies for televisions, computer monitors, or appliances containing freon.

* Payments must be made with cash or check only, and cash transactions should be for the exact amount owed.

*Enter the recycling center through the pedestrian door on the right side of the large dock door, where our staff will assist you.

For more details on disposal procedures, visit our “What Do I Do With” page. Feel free to reach out via Facebook Messenger or call us at 563-382-6514 with questions.

Winneshiek County Residents – Want a Free Home Composter?

Winneshiek County residents! Did you hear you can earn a home composter for no cost this year? See the details listed below to find out if you are eligible. Composting your food waste helps reduce pressure on our landfill. It also creates healthy soil that can be used as fertilizer in your garden! Click on the “Composting” tab in the top right corner to learn more about the home composter or to order a container.

If you are not a Winneshiek County resident, you can still order a bin for approximately $55. Supplies are limited. The order form will be closed when supplies run out.

Conditions for earning a bin for no charge:

1. You must be a Winneshiek County resident

2. You must attend a compost training (sessions are listed in the order form)

3. Limit of one free composter per household

Questions about this program? Contact Evan Neubauer at

Plastics at the Recycling Center

Happy Wednesday all! Remember to unscrew those bottle caps before tossing plastic bottles in the recycling bin, and ensure your plastic bottles are empty. Our recycling team appreciates the help! Also, another friendly reminder: we only accept HARD plastics with the magic numbers 1 or 2 in the recycling triangle. This number is usually found on the bottom of the plastic container. If there is a 3,4,5,6,7 or no number present, we cannot accept it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Superb Sorting!

Big shoutout to our amazing community! We’ve noticed a significant rise in cardboard here over the past couple weeks, and the best part? The loads have been clean with minimal contamination! Kudos for the exceptional job in maintaining the quality of our cardboard recycling. Thanks for your efforts and stay safe in this snow!

Bales of cardboard.

Winneshiek County Recycling Needs Your Help!

We love the committment to recycling, but we need your help! Recently, our recycling center has faced challenges with improper sorting and non-recyclables finding their way into the bins. This poses serious risks to our hardworking staff, especially when heavy items mix with lighter materials like paper. Large pieces of scrap metal need to be taken directly to the recycling center drop off shed and placed in the SCRAP METAL bin.

This not only jeopardizes the safety of our team but also increases the need for additional pickups, consuming more time and fuel. When people throw plastic waste in our paper bin, it fills up a lot faster and the plastic needs to be removed and taken to a different area in our facility. In addition, many of the plastics we have seen lately are not recyclable here.

At this time, we can only accept hard plastics marked with a triangle containing a #1 or a #2. There should be no liquids or food waste in these containters, and we do not take plastic bags or bubble wrap. Our dedicated staff shouldn’t have to sort through trash – that’s not their role! Before you throw something in the recycling bin, think about the folks that will have to handle that item when it arrives at the facility.

Trash belongs in the landfill, not the recycling bin. If you have a recyclable item, please ensure it goes in the correct container! Let’s work together to keep our recycling center safe and efficient. Sort wisely as we head into the new year! Thanks to everyone that recycles responsibly. You are the reason we can provide this service!

Reduce Holiday Waste

Did you know that we cannot recycle wrapping paper at our facility? Wrapping paper has very little actual paper content and the coatings make it impossible to recycle. Even wrapping paper that says it is recyclable should not be placed in our recycling bins because recycling managers cannot easily distinguish between recyclable and non-recyclable papers. If a load of paper contains too much wrapping paper, the entire load will be rejected and sent to the landfill. We also cannot take foam packaging or bubble wrap.

Instead of using this non-recyclable material for your gifts this year, try alternatives like:

1. Newspaper: Give it a creative touch with twine or reusable ribbon.

2. Plain brown paper or brown paper bags: Recyclable and customizable for a personal touch.

3. Cloth bags: Perfect for gifts and resuable for shopping.

4. Fabric scraps: Colorful and can be reused or repurposed.

5. Old maps

Always remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Holiday Present wrapped sitting next to tree

Computers, Monitors, and Televisions

Winneshiek County Recycling does not accept televisions, flat screens, or computer monitors. To dispose of these items, kindly take them to the electronics recycling trailer at the Winneshiek County Landfill during business hours. Please stop at the landfill office first where a $20 fee per unit applies.

Happy America Recycles Day!

Happy America Recycles Day! Today, we would like to thank all the folks out there that choose to recycle. Your actions matter, and together we’re making a positive impact on our environment and contributing to a healthier planet. We appreciate each and every one of you! Let’s keep those recyclable materials out of our landfill!

Dumping at Recycling Collection Sites

Please remember, it’s not acceptable to leave junk next to county recycling bins. Visit our What Do I Do With page or contact us to find out where unwanted materials should be taken. The items in these images were recently found next to the bins at the 48-hour municipal parking lot in Decorah. Please call or send us a message if you have questions. Let’s keep our community clean!

Don’t Let Your Halloween Pumpkins Haunt the Landfill!

Don’t Let Your Halloween Pumpkins Haunt the Landfill!

Jack-o’-lanterns are lighting up porches everywhere during this spooky season! What happens to these pumpkins when Halloween is over? How can we keep them out of the landfill?

1. Compost, Don’t Toss: Instead of putting them in the trash, consider composting your pumpkins. Pumpkins are organic matter and can add valuable nutrients to a compost pile. Just make sure decorations are removed before composting them!

2. Pumpkin Receipes: Turn them into yummy treats! Pumpkin flesh can be roasted and used in soups, pies, or other recipes.

3. Farm Animal Snacks: Ask a local farmer if they want old pumpkins for their pigs, chickens, and goats!

4. Natural Yard Decor: Use them as decorative additions in a garden or yard and let them decompose naturally, adding nutrients to the soil.

Every small action counts in reducing waste. This Halloween, let’s put our pumpkins to good use and ensure they don’t haunt the landfill!

Carved Jack-o-lanterns sitting on a porch

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