Campus Responder 3rd Shift

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This position qualifies for the Luther College “Earn while you Learn” Initiative.  The incumbent may work and attend Luther College full-time with a 90% discount off the published tuition rate.  See further details in the announcement below.


CRs are focused on responding to calls related to quality-of-life concerns and low-level community conflicts that do not require intervention by a behavioral health or law enforcement professional. With a focus on long- term solutions and individual student growth, CRs have a visible and tangible desire to protect and promote a safe and healthy campus environment. CRs excel at fostering a sense of community and providing needed services for all who visit the Luther College campus. Good communication, problem solving and customer service skills are essential for this position.


The foundational goal of CRs is to support campus needs, and foster student learning by addressing low-level unwanted activities as student learning opportunities, assisting as they grow into adulthood. Essential community and student interaction duties and responsibilities are:

•    Interacting with faculty, staff, students, and visitors in a professional and courteous manner
•    Creating written and or electronic documentation of incidents and routine activities
•    Following written directives and established procedures
•    Working through problems with logic, critical thinking, and sound reasoning
•    Maintaining order on campus
•    Responding to a variety of routine and emergency calls for service including medical emergencies
•    Working with personnel from other departments to meet the needs of the Luther community
•    Enforcing campus parking and traffic regulations in a fair and impartial manner
•    Maintaining crowd control at special events including athletic contests.
•    Conducting investigations of criminal incidents and/or Code of Conduct violations
•    Developing and/or delivering crime prevention and safety education materials
•    Using cell phones / trunked cell phones for communication
•    Securing and opening buildings per an established schedule
•    Performing other duties as assigned.
•    Providing for a sense of safety and well-being on campus
•    Providing direction to student campus responder assistants


Dependent on qualifications, the incumbent will work with the support and direction of more qualified staff as part of a team that is responsible for preparing for and providing first responder services to the campus community. Incumbent must be able to utilize electronic communication systems and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must be able to maintain at a state of readiness campus medical equipment and supplies as well as keep equipment and vehicle clean and response ready. Essential Duties and Responsibilities are:

•    Respond to emergency and non-emergency calls, and make care decisions quickly based on experience and training level
•    Identify scene safety issues, implement, adjust, and maintain scene safety as situations change
•    Handle non-medical situations such as crowd control and protecting the valuables of a patient if necessary
•    Maintain emergency supply cache which includes, but is not limited to, restocking supplies, testing AEDs
•    Be able to remain calm and deliver quality services in pressured, stressful, situations.


The incumbent should be organized and have the ability to plan ahead, and quickly “connect the dots” in fast- moving external events. He or she can remain calm and be decisive under pressure. In an emergency situation, the incumbent effectively collaborates and coordinates with people from all levels of the campus community and local government. Emergency response may involve special demands such as unpredictable work schedules and assisting others. May serve as a part of the campus emergency management function or as a member of a Continuity of Operations (COOP) Team. Tasks associated with this function may include:

•    Tracking and reporting on critical incidents
•    Serving on teams and work groups reviewing or modifying incident management or continuity of operations plans
•    Assisting in the rafting or updating guidance documents and procedures
•    Preparing alerts and notifications for a variety of events and situations


•    A high school diploma or GED is required; some college is preferred.
•    An Emergency Medical Technician qualification is desired, but not required.
•    Must have or be able to obtain first responder training and qualifications, such as CPR, First Aid and AED training.
•    Must have or be willing to obtain Incident Management training.
•    Preferred qualifications include past safety, asset protection and/or customer service experience and training.
•    Prior experience in a college setting or working with college aged people is desired.
•    Applicants must have a valid driver’s license with a good driving record and must pass an extensive background check.
•    Ability to cultivate and develop inclusive and equitable working relationships with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends of the college.


The primary hours for this position will be during the overnight hours, which generally the shift will run from midnight to 8:00am. The 24 hour, 7 days per week nature of the campus safety program may require the incumbent to work a variety of other hours, when needed. Scheduled hours will include weekends and holidays. The position can be physically demanding and may require the following:

•    The ability to stand for long periods of time in both indoor and outdoor settings
•    The ability to perform extensive walking and climbing of stairs
•    The ability to safely operate a motor vehicle
•    May be required to perform moderate lifting, bending and climbing
•    May be exposed to environmental hazards including, chemicals, bloodborne and airborne pathogens
•    May be required to work in all types of weather conditions.


Tuition Remission Eligibility – Earn while you Learn Initiative

Due to the overnight work schedule, the incumbent of this position has been determined to be eligible to participate in the Luther College Tuition Remission Program. As a night shift Campus Responder, you can earn a paycheck and attend Luther College for 90% off the published tuition rate. In 2023-24, that equals an annual tuition cost of only $4,960.00, plus books and fees.


Working overnights, you have the ability to set up an academic schedule that blends learning and earning, and allows for you to gain a valuable academic qualification and great professional experience while working with individuals that have diverse backgrounds and needs – thereby setting yourself up for success in the next chapter of your life and career.

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